About Us

We power great IOLTA programs with great tools!

In 2009, our parent company – The Resource for Great Programs, Inc. – acquired The Software Factory and its IOLTA2 database software from founder Roger Lilavois.

Day-to-day technical and programming support for our customers is provided Komenge. Research and development – including the integration of the IOLTA2 software with the methods and tools of "IOLTA Revenue Enhancement" – is provided by Ken Smith, founder and President of The Resource for Great Programs.

The Software Factory and The Resource provide an array of tools for maximizing IOLTA revenues.

For over two decades, our parent company, The Resource for Great Programs, has pioneered the field of "IOLTA revenue enhancement". We have helped America's leading IOLTA programs to maximize IOLTA interest rates and minimize bank service fees. Prior to the collapse of interest rates in 2008, the cumulative ANNUAL INCREASE in IOLTA revenues that resulted directly from our work surpassed $200 MILLION.

Leading IOLTA Programs That Use IOLTA2:

  • Alabama Civil Justice Foundation
  • Arkansas IOLTA Foundation
  • Colorado Lawyer Trust Account Foundation
  • Connecticut Bar Foundation
  • Indiana Bar Foundation
  • Kansas Bar Foundation
  • Kentucky IOLTA Fund
  • Legal Services Corporation of Virginia
  • Maine Bar Foundation
  • Minnesota Lawyer Trust Account Board
  • Mississippi Bar Foundation
  • Missouri Lawyer Trust Account Foundation
  • Nebraska Lawyers Trust Account Foundation
  • New Hampshire Bar Foundation
  • North Carolina State Bar Plan for IOLTA
  • Oklahoma Bar Foundation
  • Oregon Law Foundation
  • Rhode Island Bar Foundation
  • West Virginia State Bar
  • Wisconsin Trust Account Foundation
  • Wyoming State Bar Foundation