Today's IOLTA2 is the gateway to the most powerful tools available.

Anticipating a return to a "more normal" interest rate environment, we have applied our expertise in IOLTA revenue enhancement to make IOLTA2 the most stable and efficient platform possible to supply the reliable data needed by today's IOLTA managers to ensure the greatest possible flow of IOLTA dollars given the size and nature of a program's IOLTA account portfolio.

In addition, we are in the process of integrating IOLTA2 seamlessly with Excel-based tools we have created over the past two decades based on our experience as advisors to IOLTA programs across America on IOLTA revenue enhancement. These tools include:

  • The IOLTA Account Performance-At-a-Glance Report Package – a tool enabling IOLTA staffs to keep their boards of directors informed about interest rates, revenues, bank service fees and other salient indicators, summarized by financial institution and other factors.
  • The IOLTA Revenue Forecast for keeping IOLTA leaders informed about the implications of future interest rate scenarios for IOLTA revenue based on the specific size and characteristics of a program's IOLTA account portfolio.
  • The "IOLTA Rate Monitor" – a tool for determining the weighted average rate each participating financial institution SHOULD be paying IOLTA in order to be compliant with interest rate comparability standards.
  • The "IOLTA Index" – a tool for real-time monitoring of bank compliance with interest rate comparability standards, helping to ensure that banks are paying what they should, and to follow up quickly if they are not.

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