Today, this partnership offers an array of crucial tools for IOLTA programs and their grantees in the civil justice sector.

Our clients include IOLTA organizations, foundations, local and regional legal aid programs, specialized legal assistance providers, and statewide Access-to-Justice groups. The services and tools we provide include:

  • The IOLTA2 software package
  • IOLTA Revenue Enhancement tools and services, including...
    • The "IOLTA Account Performance-At-a-Glance" Report Package
    • The "IOLTA Rate Monitor"
    • The "IOLTA Index"
    • The IOLTA Revenue Forecast
  • Grant–making tools and services, including...
    • Grant–making instruments and tools (comprehensive, integrated grant application, reporting, and evaluation systems)
    • Outcomes–based grantee evaluation tools and services (outcome measures, desk reviews, project evaluations)
    • Core support for grantee information processing, including outsourced data processing services, grantee summaries, grantee data tables, grantee economic impact reports, and annual statewide "IOLTA Grantee Overview" reports
  • Research and development services, including...
    • Economic impact analyses of individual legal aid programs or statewide legal aid systems
    • Legal needs / Justice Gap analyses – local, regional, or statewide
  • Click Here for more information about IOLTA Revenue Enhancement services provided by The Resource for Great Programs.
  • For more information, please contact Ken Smith: E-mail or phone: (602) 644-1069.
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